Do you know how high is success rate for 8.Dan exam in kendo? 

Kendo equipment does not have any marks or colored belts (like judo or karate) which are showing your rank. Ranking in kendo guides you through beginner grades which are called Kyu (5 Kyu to 1 Kyu). 
When you reach 1 Kyu level, you are ready to take the first master's grade, which is called Dan (equal to black belt in other Japanese martial arts).
In kendo there are 8 master grades (starting with 1. Dan and ending with 8. Dan).
 An interesting fact is that the 8. Dan kendo exams are exams with the lowest sucess rate in Japan (less than 1%). The next most difficult test in Japan is justice or bar exam with success rate of just over 3%. This interesting topic is well covered in the documentary by National Geographic Channel: "Kendo's Grueling Challenge The 120 Second Test of Spirit.".

Grade in kendo show level of progress and skill. It takes considerable time and effort to achieve the higher ranks. One of the great kendo teachers once said: "I am practicing kendo for 70 years and I feel that now I’m beginning to understand."

Example of Dan grade diploma issued by All Japan Kendo Federation

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